What is the Helix cutting system?

The Helix cutting system is a technique that uses special curved scissors to create natural looking, permanent curl in the hair.  Carefully cutting a spiral “C” shape into the hair results in volume, texture and natural looking wave or curl.  It is the best system for creating permanent curl without the use of chemicals!

The Helix Cutting System offers flexibility with mobility and healthy, shiny hair.  Designs can be easily recreated at home, and your can have Color and Helix at the same visit.


How curly will my hair get?

The amount and size of curl will vary depending on the natural texture of your hair, however the technique will even work on straight hair. If you hair has  good natural wave on the bottom but is straighter on the top, the Helix technique can be used to add curl to specific places.  A Helix design can be used to even out already curly hair.

Will I be able to wear my hair straight?

Since a Helix design leaves no blunt lines, the cut will look great worn curly or straight. A Certified Helix Designer takes the balance of physical science, technical cutting and general health of your hair into consideration, and then uses that information to get the most out of your hair cut.


What is required to maintain a Helix cut?

I offer a full line of Helix Products to help style and maintain your Helix Cut.  To ensure your total satisfaction with your new haircut, we recommend the use of these products.

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